Digital Nomad Nutritionist + InstaPreneur BUNDLE

Create a work-from-wherever wellness business + Grow your Instagram account!

What if you knew exactly how to put your wellness business on autopilot, so that…

…new, interested clients were finding your website (without the use of paid ads!)

…you had the luxury of seeing 1:1 clients ONLY when you felt like it (#introvert) and not because you were desperate for the money

…you could travel the world (or work from home!), set your own schedule, and work whenever you felt like it

…you were finally bringing in enough consistent income to quit your 9-5 and pursue your passion full time


Maybe you…

  • Went back to school to get your nutrition certification or degree, but now you’re confused AF about how to turn your passion + knowledge into a business (that actually makes a livable salary)
  • Want to start building up your nutrition business online, but you have NO CLUE how to get started with a website (what's SEO?), e-mail list, or which social media platforms will ACTUALLY be worth your time and generate clients (not just suck your time)

  • Already have a website and business in place, but your clients are few and far between...and your current amount of income is not nearly enough to quit your 9-5
  • Dream of FREEDOM in your life and business - but have no idea how to reach enough people or scale your business

  • Don't know how you'll ever stand out in the oversaturated field of Nutrition/Wellness, and wonder if you're destined to stay at your day job forever

What if I told you it’s actually possible to create a profitable, authentic, freedom-based Nutrition/Wellness business...

...Without having to see 1:1 clients all day long
...Without a specific set of credentials/experience
...Without any tech skills
...Without an existing audience
...Without having to pay for ads, a graphic designer, or a website developer
...AND without spamming your Facebook friends

In these self-paced online courses, you'll learn how to...


  • Distinguish yourself from the thousands of other health/wellness blogs and websites
  • Leverage your own personal story + current experience to attract, connect with, and convert your "tribe" into paying clients and customers
  • Automate the entire backend of your business so that you continue to generate leads, traffic, and income even if you decide to take a few days (or weeks!) off
  • Set up a website, email list, blogging, and social media strategy that work together seamlessly to grow your business on autopilot (from wherever you are in the world!)
  • Build a beautiful, authentic personal and visual brand (without hiring a designer!)
  • Explode your email list with raving fans, clients, and customers (without using ANY ads)
  • Optimize your social media accounts to grow your brand (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube!)
  • Create a plan for your first money-making online product/service (+ how to launch it!)
  • Collaborate with a community of other online Nutritionists for things like guest posts, Instagram takeovers and challenges to grow your audience organically
  • How to charge what you're worth - so you can finally start hitting your revenue goals and feel empowered about the work you're doing (instead of drained)
  • ...and more!


  • "Niche" down and start attracting the RIGHT types of people to your Instagram account
  • Establish a personal and visual "brand" style
  • Pinpoint who your audience is and exactly where to find them
  • SERVE my audience - not "selling"
  • Learn how to take + edit photos (right from your phone!)
  • Create a cohesive "feed"
  • Write captions that connect (without wasting hours per day)
  • Establish a Hashtag strategy
  • Leverage and understand the "algorithm"
  • Create engaging Instagram stories
  • ...and more!

Your Instructor

Amie Tollefsrud
Amie Tollefsrud

This course is the exact process i've used over the past 3 years to sell my online courses (mostly) passively, while traveling full time and taking days (or weeks...) off if I needed a break.

My most recent milestone was surpassing the 1 Million dollar mark in online course sales...a number that I was able to hit WITHOUT 'hustling', pulling all nighters, OR burning myself out. (That's not why we started our businesses in the first place, right?!)

I want you to be next! 😉


Digital Nomad Nutritionist™️ is a go-at-your-own-pace, 100% online program with a exact blueprint designed to take you from burnt out, unsure of where to even start when it comes to making money online... creating a website, personal brand, email list, social media presence and signature product/service so you can grow your online business and have the freedom to work from ANYWHERE you have an internet connection.

InstaPreneur™️ is a self-paced, 100% online course that teaches a proven system aimed at helping you...

  • STAND OUT in your niche
  • Gain loyal, engaged 'followers', every single day
  • Understand and leverage the 'algorithm'
  • Create and curating the exact content your audience wants (consistently!)
  • Take/edit beautiful photos
  • ROCK your Instagram stories (and finally show your face on camera!)
  • And turn your loyal, engaged followers into clients and customers.

Here's a a look at what’s included in each step of the process:

Course Curriculum


Here's where i've been featured...

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*New 2020 Updates Include*

Entire lessons on...

  • How To Leverage The Power of YouTube To Grow Your Business Online
  • Legal Sh*t: Taxes, LLCs vs SPs, Disclaimers, Insurance, Trademarking and More
  • How To Price Your Products/Services Online To Hit Your Financial Goals
  • How To Create Viral Content

"I was quite impressed with your business program. You live what you teach and are truly passionate about helping fellow colleagues find their why and achieve their personal goals. Your presentations were engaging and easy to follow. There is so much information in this course."

- Jennifer Davis, Academic Manager, Nutritional Therapy Association


“I implemented the strategies from one of Amie’s trainings and ended up having a 7k launch!"

- Jenna Free, The Body Love Society


Upon enrollment, you'll have immediate access to all course content, including:

Video Lessons

Audio Lessons


Helpful Links/Resources

Private Online Community

24/7 access to the members-only community to ask questions and network with other like minded newbie online business owners

Lifetime Access Across All Devices

*Including all future updates*

"Amie's insight, knowledge, and openness about digital business has helped me overcome my fear of leaving the corporate bubble and become clear about what it is I want for my life/career. I'm ever grateful to her. "

- Wendy @weeksofwonder

Q: "What if your strategies don't work for me? Can I get a refund?"
A: Sorry, no refunds here! This course is for committed business owners only - so if you aren't 100% sure that you want to take action on our strategies, it might be best to think it over a little longer before making your decision.
Plus, after having over 600+ students go through the course with success (as of May 2020) we are fully confident that this information WORKS (if you are 😉)

"I worked on my hashtags after watching the Instagram lesson, and I'm already getting more likes than I normally do! This course is awesome!"

- Tori C. @thegirlnext_tor


You’re determined to start using your passions and skills - and turning them into an online nutrition business (that actually makes $)

Digital Nomad Nutritionist™️ is going to give you the exact roadmap to make that dream a reality.

Haven’t your dreams waited long enough?

By the end of this self-paced course, you will have…

  • Established a profitable niche idea for your online business + how to attract a loyal audience
  • Set up your website, email list, and social media accounts to work together seamlessly and grow your audience and income on AUTOPILOT
  • A plan for your own digital product/service + how to launch it!
  • An understanding of the best ways to grow your social media accounts to start bringing in more clients (without paying for ads!)
  • An exact plan to start generating enough income to quit your 9-5, and go in full-time on your passion
  • Knowledge about HOW to keep your business running on autopilot, even if you're traveling, or decide to take a mental-health day :)
  • Learned how to leverage you unique skills, personality and quirks so that you actually stand out in an over-saturated market

What types of people can benefit from The Digital Nomad Nutritionist + InstaPreneur Online Courses?

(it's not JUST for Nutritionists...)

Health Coaches

College students


Yoga Teachers


Direct Sales Businesses (BeautyCounter, Essential Oils, etc)

Restart Instructors

Lifestyle/Fashion Bloggers

NTA/IIN students

Wedding planners

Teachers (of any kind)


Non-techy people

Bloggers who aren't monetizing

Recipe creators

...anyone who wants to build a business - online!

Not sure if it's right for you? Send your questions to [email protected]

"Amie is a pro. She's not only knowledgable when it comes to nutrition but also when it comes to starting your own business. I would recommend her to anyone looking for support as they're building out their own online practice, nutrition-related or not"

- Ali W.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
I'm not a Nutritionist, is the course still for me?
Yes! The concepts in this course apply to ANYONE who dreams of having an online business. However, *my tribe* tends to be Nutritionists and other NTPs (what I am) so this is primarily who I speak to :)
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Sorry, no refunds here! This course is for committed business owners only - so if you aren't 100% sure that you want to take action on our strategies, it might be best to think it over a little longer. Plus, after having over 600+ students go through the course with success (as of August 2019) we are fully confident that this information WORKS (if you are 😉)
I don't even have a business idea yet - is this course for me?
Yes! The course goes in depth to help you figure out your unique passions and talents, and how to leverage them in a way that will be profitable for you.
I already have a website and blog - is this course right for me?
Yes! Although I cover these things inside the course, there is tons of valuable info on best blogging practices, how to optimize your SEO, grow your audience, and build a money-making e-mail list.
I'm terrible with tech - will I be able to keep up?
YES! This course was designed specifically with tech newbies in mind. Upon enrolling, you'll be sent information on how to create your personalized course login. Then, every lesson is organized in order, with video/audio lessons and helpful worksheets all in one convenient place!
What will I need to have before enrolling?
The only thing you'll need to have to be successful (besides a desire for an online business) will be a website, access to an internet connection, and e-mail marketing platform. Amie offers both free + paid versions of different e-mail platforms inside the course!

Get started now!


Questions? Concerns? Totes normal. Feel free to e-mail my team at [email protected] OR chat us using the icon in the lower right hand corner that looks like this: